Neve 83610 -- 5100 series Input Modules, mic/line input, full EQ and limiter

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This sale is for ONE Neve 83610 module. We are offering Neve input modules from a 5100 series ("Baby V") console. These are the most comprehensive of the 5100 series modules, types 83610. They comprise mic or line input, with low and high filters, plus a four band formant (swept) equalizer, followed by a limiter.

These are raw modules, they have two transformers. Not racked, not powered, and not plug and play. Although these are not '80s series modules, nonetheless they are very powerful and comprehensive preamps, and sound excellent. These were very expensive modules, and their build quality is Neve throughout.

This sale is for ONE Neve 83610 module for $499. We have many modules available. See our other listings: $950 ($475 each) for two, $1800 for four ($450 each).

These modules require a 96 pin female DIN connector available from for under $6 each, part #5535089-5.