Art: John Seabury Original Cover Art for Psycotic Pineapple Album Where's the Party? Classic!

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John Seabury is one of America's greatest poster artists. He has created hundreds of images for events and entertainers. He is the bass player in Psycotic Pineapple. His pictures are featured in "The Art of Rock" Books. This is a UNIQUE Ink on Paper drawing; not a copy nor a print of any kind. This image was created for the Psycotic Pineapple's album " Where's The Party" . This is the original cover art. It can be hung in two ways, and is certainly one of the most incredible pieces of Seabury art that we have ever seen! Simply spectacular in both concept and realization. I purchased this directly from the artist a decade or more  ago. Please see the other John Seabury originals we are offering. This picture is professionally matted and framed, but another owner might want it slightly different. . The exposed area is     20" x 21" .