Art: John Seabury Original Ink on Paper Masterpiece! " The Crucifixion" Art of Rock page 451

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John Seabury is one of America's greatest poster artists. He has created hundreds of images for events and entertainers. This is a UNIQUE Ink on Paper drawing. It is NOT a print, nor a copy of any kind. In 1979, when the ladies were stuffing posters into the Pyno album at the pressing plant, they refused to touch this one.... The Crucifixion is the masterpiece of my Seabury posters; truly an incredible image. This poster was created for a Keystone Berkeley show featuring the Pyno and Sudden Fun, in November of probably 1979, but Im not 100% on that. This amazing picture appears on page 451 of the Art OF ROCK book. John later did a colorized version , but This is the ORIGINAL drawing! It has been professionally matted and framed. The exposed area measures 11" x 13 1/2" . In a word, spectacular!