Audix Console Modules For Spares or Expansion

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We are listing several types of Audix console modules. As there aren't many of these desks, these may be a of interest to someone who has one for spare parts, or for a console expansion. This listing is for 35212 VO1 modules. We have 38 of them. The price is for One unit. These modules have:

a pan

a solo

a mute

echo sends 1/2 w/ 1 volume

2 sends that switch pre/post and have seperate volumes

3 output busses plus a 4th button labeled IND ( independent out?) assuming this must be direct out. 

Most of these have had their pre/post winkie blinkie switches removed. 


These are sold AS IS, and are probably not working and may not be complete. 

We happily combine shipping.