Calrec Vintage J series portable console/sidecar Pq15 modules WOW!!

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You just never see these for sale. Calrec built 125 eight input "J Series" sections for the BBC. They were used for " Outside Broadcast" . One could hook up as many input sections as required, along with a master section and an echo return section. The J series offered either pq14 or pq15 modules. The Pq15 was the more comprehensive equalizer, basically built to the same eq specs as the Neve 1084. These consoles are all discrete. They sound fantastic. big and punchy like a Neve but open and snappy like an Api. Sonic Heaven.... One can fit these two sections into a normal family automobile.  Fit it into yours! We are offering one 8 channel input section complete with pq15 modules, and one master section .We have a copy of the original manual and the cables to hook the two sections together. Obviously shipping cost is to be determined.