Neumann KM 74 -- 12V T-powered version of the KM 84

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The 1966 Neumann KM 74 is the 12V T-powered version of the KM 84.

This lovely Neumann microphone is a version of the KM84 that was designed to be used with Nagra tape recorders. 12V T-power power supplies are normally available on the internet.

If you're recording with a Nagra, this would be one of your best choices in a microphone. The Art Deco-ish grill top detailing is quite attractive, unlike any other Neumann microphone I've seen.

The serial number is 337 and as this is the only example of this mic I have ever encountered, it is obviously quite scarce. 

Comes with a non-original microphone box that needs its foam replaced.