Neve 5300 Series Console Classic All Discrete (30) 33114 1970's History of Hits

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Available exclusively from Dan Alexander Audio.

This wonderful 5300 Series 100% discrete Neve Console is available March 1st. It has resided at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco for many years.
A long list of hit recordings have been made with this beautiful desk.

(30) Neve 33114 input/eq modules. 8 buss outs. 16 channel jukebox monitor section. Four level pots feed 8 aux sends that switch pre/post in pairs .
Remoted patch bay on umbilicals.

This awesome sounding Neve is gorgeous and compact. Sonically exceptional. Payment method to be discussed.
This listing says " ships from L.A." .That is incorrect. The desk is still installed in San Francisco. Freight and method of payment to be determined. Listed shipping charge is an inaccurate estimate.