Neve #A246: (ex-Pete Townsend) available exclusively from Dan Alexander Audio

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 In the pantheon of extraordinary songwriters, few have attained the creative heights of Pete Townshend and the Who.

Similarly, early '70s Neve recording consoles represent the pinnacle of sonic performance. In this particular Neve recording console, Serial #A246, we encounter a singular convergence of these two legendary creators.

In a remix situation, there are 65 separate inputs available to the stereo buss.  Unlike many larger Neve consoles built after 1974, the topology of this console is completely Class A from input to output excepting the 24 monitor section which incorporates neve 440 output amplifiers. The patch bay has been replaced (at a cost of over $20,000) and works flawlessly. There are 34 channels of flying fader automation.

Pete Townshend has kindly provided us with the following information:

 "I didn't actually commission [install] the console until late 1972 … In 1975 the console shipped to EMI studios and was used to mix the very first surround movie soundtrack for the Tommy movie … In 1977 the console moved to Oceanic Studios. In 1979 I sold it. I'm very pleased it survived … We recorded Quadrophenia at Ramport and with Ronnie Lane's mobile. Quadrophenia was mixed in my barn studio on the Neve … The guitar sound and synth track for "Who Are You" were recorded on this console. The synthesizer tracks for "New Song" and "Sister Disco", also … I greatly regret selling the 8014 as they sound amazing. I have some 1064 mic pres and I prefer them over all other Neve modules. It was hard not to get a good sound with this stuff."

Grammy winning Mule Variations by Tom Waits and numerous other Tom Waits productions have been recorded and mixed on this desk.

The console is currently installed and available for your technician’s evaluation.   $330,000

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