Steinway Model M 1960 5' 7" Parlor Grand Ideal Studio Instrument

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This Steinway Model M was built in 1960. An IDEAL Studio Piano. Normal wear and tear but fantastic sounding. Needs a pedal repair, tuning and regulation. It is tuned to pitch , but not in tune after having been moved. The price is a bargain. A complete refinish would cost $4000 - $5000 . Dealers are selling refinished M's for 25,000 - 30,000. Dont confuse this instrument with one from pre 1930. 1960 is smack in the Steinway "golden era" . Beautiful burled walnut ( ?) . Serial number is 328xxx. An easy removal with no stairs. All shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Keyboard Carriage can move this to anywhere in the 48 states for under $700.