VINTAGE NEVE MELBOURN CONSOLE -- Neve doesn’t get any better than this!

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This beautiful vintage Neve Melbourn is stunning. Originally specified by the Australian Broadcast Corporation, this 12-input 5300 series Neve console has some unique features. With the exception of the custom individual channel outputs, the circuitry is entirely discrete. The custom direct output amplifiers contain a single IC. The 3115 input/EQ modules offer the usual extensive equalization facilities that we’ve come to expect from vintage Neve consoles.

The sonic qualities of this mixer are uncompromised. Musical, clear, punchy, and exciting. This mixer, a few pieces of outboard equipment, and a modern computer equal an extraordinary sounding musical environment.

The back of the console features the usual assortment of inputs and outputs as well as custom 48-volt phantom switching per channel. The console has been completely gone through by a well-known LA tech. Complete with an original Neve power supply set at 220 volts, including a substantial A/C step-up transformer.

Considering the value of individual Neve components in the current marketplace, this rare classic Neve gem seems nearly priceless.

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